About Me

I was looking for something more than Facebook – a way of capturing my thoughts on old and new topics without having to stick to a one line status update!  Ok, what I really wanted was somewhere that I could write lots of words without people complaining!

My blog is really about everything, nothing and whatever else is inbetween!  But to be a bit more specific…..

I will write about:
* My experiences at Drama School
* Working with people and how they can drive you to distraction!
* My love of the stage and all things theatrical
* Food and more importantly chocolate
* Things which catch my eye during the day and make me make think
* Books I’ve read or films I’ve seen

You are unlikely to find the following on my page:
* Anything Politically motivated
* Anything to do with the environment or climate change
* Anything to do with gardening, basket making, flower arranging etc
* Any big or intelligent words
* Anything too complicated

There may occasionally be posts that are:
* Curious or a little bit strange
* Funny or slightly amusing
* Philosophical

…but I can’t promise anything!

I may also rant once in a while but not too often!

My hope is that a handful of people out there in cyberspace will find something worthwhile in my blog and keep visiting.  And, as they say on WordPress, if you like it then ‘like it’!  I would love to hear what people think of my posts so please comment if you have anything to say, good or bad but preferably constructive!







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