Where are you on the Seesaw of Life?

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Metaphorical Musings
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If failure sits opposite success on the seesaw of life, it stands to reason that those who attain neither end up on the pivot, admiring the people above and pitying the people below.  I am one of those people – lucky enough to get a place at the table of life but unlucky enough to end up with the seat in front of the table leg….  Yes, I am a proud member of the ‘Nearly Was Club’.

I have a long list of things I have nearly achieved and it’s one I continue to add to on a regular basis.  Some of my favourites include:

  • I Nearly Was a professional actress
  • I Nearly Was relatively slim
  • I Nearly Was married (okay, I admit that might be a slight exaggeration!)
  • I Nearly Was popular
  • I Nearly Was a writer

Being a Nearly Was, rather than a Has Been or a Never Was, is actually quite liberating and far more rewarding.   The only requirement for maintaining membership of the ‘Nearly Was Club’ is that you must actually try.  “But what if I succeed?” I hear you cry?  Well, if by any chance you achieve what you set out to do then you must move up to the Am Now Club.  But don’t worry; once you have started driving down the road of Nearly Was there are very few turning spaces so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever reach the, frankly dangerous, heights of Am Now!  The only fear you should have is of the Never Was….!

But joking aside, when do things ever go to plan?  Who, apart from perhaps a very small number of lucky people, lives a life free from frustration and “sorry, you’re just not quite what we’re looking for”?  So this is my blog – my story of life past and present as seen from the middle of the seesaw – not quite up and not quite down.

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